László Hudacsek: Looping on the Ghost Train of Time
Thu, November 06, 2008 6 pm CET, Concert

"I have been occupied for a fair amount of time now with the musical aesthetic imagination of a horizontal and vertical temporal spiral. I consecutively recorded the single percussive voices of the work. In the performance, they will be temporarily mounted next to one another and thus, in a certain sense, projected as ensemble onto the screen (partially ›looped‹). To each of these I play a voice. What then emerges is not a closed canned playback, but an ensemble-like musical background in front of which I play music in the here and now and am able to spring between coordinates of the temporal spiral. Thus, the temporal layers overlap for the duration of the performance." (László Hudacsek)


Iannis Xenakis
"OKHO" pour trois djembés et une peau africaine de grande taille, 1989

Karlheinz Stockhausen
"VIBRA ELUFA" for Vibes (taken from FREITAG from LICHT), 2003

Javier Alvarez
"Temazcal" for maracas and 4-channel-tapes,1984

Steve Reich
"Music for Pieces of Wood", 1973

Thierry De Mey
"Musique de Tables", 1993

László Hudacsek
"Homage à Reich", 2008

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