Valerio Sannicandro: Ius Lucis
Fri, January 16, 2009 8 pm CET, Concert
"Ius Lucis" (2006/2007) is a composition by Valerio Sannicandro for two instrumental ensembles in two distinct, electronically connected spaces. The music by the ensembles will be played into the other space, where the ensemble is not located, in real-time transformation and thereby electronically processed, live. The listeners move between the two spaces thus hearing different versions of the music, leading to overlapping memories. The arrangement of Ensemble 1 (stereophonic assembly) and Ensemble 2 (musicians are placed in the audience) enables "orchestrated spatialization." The musicians are connected directly with the loudspeakers, their sounds converted electronically and reproduced. The sound moves constantly between the concert spaces: the spatial acoustics itself thus becomes a defining moment.

Musical direction

First conductor: Pierre-André Valade
Second conductor: Valerio Sannicandro

Live-electronics: Serge Lemouton und Götz Dipper
Sound direction: Josh Martin und Sebastian Schottke
A commission from the IRCAM, work from the area of musical computer science of the IRCAM: Serge Lemouton
Organization / Institution



Kunststiftung NRW ; ernst von siemens musikstiftung ; musikFabrik