Resurrection Party
Sat, April 11, 2009 10 pm CEST, Concert
The occident lays his focus on the birth of Christ. On 24 December of every year, even weeks before, the western world celebrates the “world’s biggest birthday party” (preacher at St. Stephan Cathedral, Vienna). But of the three stations that characterize the life of Jesus: birth, death, and resurrection, the latter is certainly the greatest message of the Christian religion. Millions are born daily, and everyone dies, but only few rise from the dead. The sacrifice, the death of Christ, only makes sense as the promise that all people arise after death and continue to live. We therefore celebrate the resurrection of Christ and of us with a new light composition by rosalie and music by and with:

Shahrokh (70s space-rock set from Spooky Tooth to Amon Düül)
Gospel Performance: James Simpson (USA)
Heiko M/S/O (Playhouse / Klang / Frankfurt)
Liveact: Jay Shepheard (London)
Organization / Institution