Quantum Leaps IX
Fri, October 02, 2009 – Sun, October 04, 2009, Festival
During the “Quantensprünge” festival, instrumental conditions will be set in dialogue with electronic means. The scholarship programs of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics and the IEMA congenially complement one another with composers, instrumentalists, and sound masters. The fruitful cooperation is expanded by music theater projects in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Theater at the Justus-Liebig University Gießen, Professor Heiner Goebbels.


Fri, October 02, 2009

8 p.m. Concert
in the ZKM_Cube
Luciano Berio "Naturale" (1985)
Mauricio Kagel "Exotica" (1971/1972)
version and rehearsal: Rainer Römer
Genoël Rühle "Konzert für Horn, Roboter und Ensemble" (2009)

Sat, October 03, 2009

8 p.m. Scenic Music Theater "Der Töne Licht"
in the ZKM_Media Theater and ZKM_Cube
Curated by Prof. Heiner Goebbels
Mauricio Kagel "Morceau de concours" (1968, rev. 1972)
trumpet: Jens Bracher; director: Brigitte Brüggemann
Pierre Boulez "Domaines" (1968)
clarinet: Azusa Katayama; director: Brigitte Brüggemann, Julia Blawert
Robert Dick "Flames must not encircle sides" (1980)
flute: Bettina Berger; director: Recha La Dous, Halina Blatt-Stevens
Dieter Schnebel "Nostalgie" (1962)
conductor: Scott Voyles; director: Paula Rosolen
Magnus Lindberg "Stroke" (1984)
violoncello: Christophe Mathias; director: Chris Herzog
Karlheinz Stockhausen "In Freundschaft" (1977)
director: Ana Berkenhoff
»an meiner statt« (UA)
music theater performance by Suha Sung, Christian Grammel and Luise Voigt

Sun, October 04, 2009

8 p.m. Concert
in the ZKM_Cube
Wolfgang Rihm "4 Studien zu einem Klarinettenquintett" (2002)
Luciano Berio "Sequenza X" for trumpet in C and intensified piano feedback (1984)
Helmut Lachenmann "Trio Fluido" (1966)
Arnold Schönberg "Streichtrio op. 45" (1945/46)
Elliott Carter "Triple Duo" (1983)

Performers: scholarship holders 2008/2009 and guests
Conductor: Scott Voyles
Sound director: Felix Dreher
Organization / Institution