Universal Cosmopolitan Research Project
Thu, November 12, 2009 9 pm CET, Performance
The Universal Cosmopolitan Research Project taking positions from Provincetown, through New York, Cleefland, and Cincinutty, and onto Mumbai (Caine[4]) or possibly from Dubai to Moscow and onto New York (Cook[6]).
09:48 PM i used to think almost the same thing you did, until i decided to spend the 24 dollars on a point cointreau and some more for a higher class vodka. posted by cherry. / 10:57 PM this drink is fucking fabulous. so am i... i am a believer in the cosmopolitan! two thumbs up for me! posted by simlissa. / 06:35PM M m m m m m m m m mmmmm...........................YUMMY! posted by kevin. It`s a lovely day today, isn`t it? "A Cheese burger, large fries and the public, please!"
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