Repetitions. Cellularium
Fri, January 08, 2010 5.30 pm CET, Performance
In the alternately played works “Repetitions” (2005) and “CELLULARIUM” (2009), the large light sculpture “CHROMA_LUX” by rosalie and music by Ludger Brümmer – arranged for the Klangdom installed in the foyer – meld to an impressive audiovisual installation.

CELLULARIUM, an idea by Peter Weibel, is based on cellular automatons. Their self-organized developmental process is realized in light and sound, hijacking the listening observer to another world.

Repetitions by Ludger Brümmer is a fabric spun from complex sound processes and layered rhythms, based on a work by Igor Strawinsky. It finds its complement in the light composition, which is in a constant change of color, time, and rhythm. Synchronicity and a-synchronicity meld with the fluctuating colors in the composed concurrence of the audiovisual fabric to a fascinating celebration of the senses.

Idee ("CELLULARIUM"): Peter Weibel
Light composition: rosalie
Music: Ludger Brümmer
Coordination: Bernd Lintermann
Programming: Jens Barth and Martin Schmidt
Organization / Institution