Sat, April 17, 2010 9 pm CEST, Performance

Violinist Barbara Lüneburg is more than an interpreter of contemporary music. Both artistically as well as scientifically, she questions and expands the role of the interpreter as an interface between instrument, composer, and audience in the concert situation. She initiates new compositions in collaboration with other artists and reflects on them in her scientific work. Her current concerts are an acoustic and visual showcase of this creative collaboration and symbolize a culture that is constantly on the move in terms of globalization, immigration, discourse, and changing genres. Her multimedia program for violin and e-violin fluctuates between music and video with movement sensors for light and laser projections, among other ways.


Alexander Schubert "Weapon of Choice" (2009) for violin, movement sensor, live video, and live electronics 
Henry Vega (Music), Emmanuel Flores Elias (Video) "Stream Machines and the Black Arts" (2010) for violin, live electronics, and live video 
Yannis Kyriakides "Re: Mad Masters" (2010) for violin (alternative, viola), video and live electronics
Dai Fujikura (Music), Tomoya Yamaguchi (Video) "Flux" (2010) for violin and live video 
Marko Ciciliani "Alias" (2007) for e-violin, live electronics, light, and laser 

Barbara Lüneburg violin, e-violin
Marko Ciciliani live electronics, light, laser

Concert premier “Flux”: Sat 10 April 9:30 p.m. in Deutschlandfunk,Cologne, Chamber Music Hall. Broadcasting time: Sat 03 July, 10.05 p.m. on Deutschlandfunk,“Atelier neuer Musik”.

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