LUX VOCAT. Through the Night to Light
Thu, May 20, 2010 9 pm CEST, Concert
Art concert with SWR Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, the artist rosalie and her light installation CHROMA_LUX in the ZKM_Foyer

A sound event as an investigation of an aesthetic topos – that is, in the light of utopia. SWR Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble, specializing in new music, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, and the artist rosalie create an extraordinary space from sound and light in the ZKM_Foyer. rosalie’s light sculpture “CHROMA_LUX” works as a specifically visual medium in an artistic parallel happening with compositions by György Ligeti, Matthias Pintscher, and Iannis Xenakis. Ligeti’s sound art work “Lux aeterna” for voices will correspond with “Aroura” for twelve solo strings by Xenakis. Matthias Pintscher’s Solomonic song “She cholat ahavah ani,” fluctuating between all enigmas of love and beauty, forms the transition to Ligeti’s “Ramifications” for string orchestra, whose complex branching out together with the strong-voiced “Nuits” by Xenakis blaze a trail to the light. The entire space becomes sound and light.

György Ligeti "Lux aeterna" (1966) and
"Ramifications" (1968–1969)
Matthias Pintscher "She cholat ahavah ani" (2008)
Iannis Xenakis "Aroura" (1971) and "Nuits" (1967)

Conductors are Irish conductor David Jones as guest of the SWR Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble, and Michael Hofstetter, principal conductor of the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra.
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