12th NanoMat Scene: Nano in Light
Thu, March 24, 2011 – Fri, March 25, 2011, Symposium
The close network of NanoMat partners from industry and science have made possible the strategic bundling of existing potential, and the achievement of wide-ranging contemporary research results. This holds above all for chemical, physical and biological functional units with new attributes on the nanoscale, which can lead especially to innovations of active agents.
Molecular electronics, for example, focuses on the construction of electronic components based on molecules with special attributes, which may possess isolating attributes and conducting or semi-conducting characteristics. The last, for instance, is significant for the conversion of light into electric energy. In principle, through this it is possible to manufacture electronic components, such as transistors, at low cost.
Innovative Nano materials for electronics, photovoltaics, flat-panel-display, decoration, glass and synthetic coating are all themes covered in the lectures held at the 12th NanoMat Scene. Chemical Nano technology for energy conversion and storage also features as an important theme of the lectures.
Salvinia Molesta: the Vexatious, between Lotus and Gecko, will be submerged in water by Stefan Walheim in a LIVE-EXPERIMENT, impressively demonstrating three-dimensional effects and interpreting optical illusions.
When submerged under water, the leaf surface of this aquatic plant can maintain an air pad for an extremely long time. Hence, the plants can breathe when submerged and thereby survive for extended periods of time. They also store buoyancy so as to resurface once again at convenient moments and thereby reach the light. New materials based on the model of this aquatic fern could assist in reducing the fuel consumption of ships, since by means of lamination, the air pad effectively reduces the flow resistance at the boundary layer of the hull and water. Like air and water, light is essential for life. Generally speaking, warm light is a source of well-being. Due to its direct effect, light is also an important element in art, something which one can enjoy during the 12th NanoMat Scene at the ZKM.
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KIT | Karlsruher Institut für Technologie