Computer Sound Sketches and Variations
Sat, April 09, 2011 8 pm CEST, Concert
Karlsruhe-based composer, Reinhold Weber, already began composing computer music in the 1970s. The source of inspiration for those works of the 1990s presented in the concert were the extensive travels the artistic undertook through Japan, China and the USA, and an attentive ear for the way of life in these locations. However, the material used for the compositions are not based on recordings Weber had made on-site, but rather the character of those places are thematized and preserved in his crystal clear compositions. Thus, by means of computer programming, an entirely unique creation emerges through these auditory experiences. For Weber, the situations – specifically referred to in the subheading “Computer Sound Sketches” - signified very particular and special experiences, such as the artist’s visit to the ancient temple city Nara in Japan or his profound encounters with mendicants. Finally, the “Computer Variations” lead us into the realm of country music, the metamorphoses subject to a MIDI processor.

Reinhold Weber and Ludger Brümmer act as guides through the concert.


Reinhold Weber “Fünf japanische Computerklangskizzen [Five Japanese Computer Sound Sketches]” (1996) 11’06’’
“Tempelstadt [Tempel City]” – “Hofkonzert [Court Concert]” – “Musizierende Geishas [Music-making Geishas]” (1/8 tonal system) – “Straßenhändlergasse [Street-merchant Alley]” (1/4 tonal system) – “Bettelmönche [Mendicants]”

Reinhold Weber “Computervariationen über ein eigenes Thema nach Art der Country-Music [Computer Variations on a Theme based on Country Music]” (1997) 8’45’’

Reinhold Weber “Fünf chinesische Computerklangskizzen [Five Chinese Computer Sketches]” (1996) 10’45’’
“Pantomime 1” – “Musikanten [Musicians]” – “Ritual” (1/4 tonal system) – “Konzert [Concert]” (1/8 tonal system) – “Pantomime 2”

Gottfried Michael Koenig "Funktion Rot" (1968) 21’

Intermezzo: Reinhold Weber in discussion with Ludger Brümmer

All compositions by Reinhold Weber were produced in the studio for electronic music at the Karlsruhe University of Music (director: Prof. Dr. Peter Michael Fischer).
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