IMA | lab No. 2: Matthias Ockert und Hugo Paquete
Thu, April 21, 2011 6 pm CEST, Talk
IMA | lab is the new workshop format taking place on a regular basis at the Institute for Music and Acoustics (every third Thursday of the month). At IMA | lab, the institute’s international guest composers, who create new works at ZKM during one- to three-month working grants, will be presented in word and sound; new aesthetic and technological approaches will be discussed; and scholars will be invited to comment on electronic works. The aim is a continuous discourse on pressing issues in electronic music related to aesthetics and technology, on the basis of concrete themes, such as that of “multi-medialness” in IMA | lab nr.2, featuring the new opera project by Karlsruhe composer Matthias Ockert and an installation by Portuguese media artist Hugo Paquete.

With Matthias Ockert (D) “Die Bibliothek von Babel” (Opera, 2010-2012) and Hugo Paquete (PT) audio visual compositions [in English]
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