IMA | lab No. 3: Yutaka Makino
Thu, May 19, 2011 6 pm CEST, Talk
The Japanese composer and media artist, Yutaka Makino, developed various approaches for sculptural scenarios of sound and light as part of his DAAD Guest Artist Scholarship in Berlin, in 2010. As guest artist at the ZKM | Institute of Music and Acoustics (IMA), he augmented the technology and software developed for this purpose into a flexible, three-dimensional sound space, which is destined to be presented at an exhibition by the DAAD in Berlin, in autumn 2011. At the IMA | lab No. 3, Makino presents various past projects under the heading "3-D-Music", and discusses his current technological and artistic research at the IMA. The event provides a hint of the BEYOND 3D festival (27–29 May, 2011), at which additional new products of the IMA and Makino’s installation "Pulsar" (2010) can be heard and seen.
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