Quantum Leaps XIII
Fri, September 30, 2011 – Sun, October 02, 2011, Festival
Since the 1960s’ Fluxus actions and Dieter Schnebel’s and Mauricio Kagel’s approaches to scenic composing, the concert itself is no longer a purely musical event. Scenic elements are gained from the making of music, the musical event is transformed to something scenic, and vice versa. Musical plots have become visible and audible. The gaze at musicians has been revised: when so much is staged, also that which is not staged seems as though it is. The programs of the Quantensprünge XIII festival of the Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie (IEMA) present this change in perspective. The first evening emerges in close collaboration with the applied theater studies program in Gießen and focuses on the scenic element. But staging also plays a role in the other programs, for example, for Vinko Globokar, who constantly gives his instrumentalists stage directions, or for young Polish composer Jagoda Szmytka who prepares and stages the loudspeaker as a “black box for the unconscious,” that is, as a personality. The concerts employ diverse methods, every year, the IEMA ensemble’s musicians change and the Academy’s composition students produce new compositions.


Fri, September 30, 2011

at ZKM_Media Theater

»I never went south.«
A scenic concert

director: Lea Letzel
composition: Maximilian Maintz
dramaturgy: Christian Grammel
musical director: Uwe Dierksen
technical advice: Fabian Offert
sound director: Sarah Hölscher
music: IEMA-Ensemble Matthew Conley, trumpet/ Eva Boesch, violoncello/ Vincent Hepp, violin/ Yusuke Ishii, piano/ Vincent Manuel Minguet-Soria, saxophone/ Francisco José Naranjo Reyes, oboe/ Arlette Probst, bassoon/ Alberto Carnevale Ricci, piano/ Deepa Goonetilleke, bugle/ Delphine Roche, flute/ Marie Schmit, violoncello/ Anna voor de Wind, clarinet/ Rho-Mei Yu, drums.

Sat, October 01, 2011

at ZKM_Cube

Edison Denisov (1929-1996) sonata for alto saxophone and piano (1994)
György Kurtag (*1926) hommage à R. Sch. op. 15/d for clarinet (also big drum), viola and piano (1990)
Alessandro Solbiati (*1956) Quattro Pezzi per pianoforte e percussionista (1999)


Vinko Globokar (*1934) coexistence for two violoncelli (1978)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) edentia for soprano saxophone and electronic music (from: Klang – Die 24 Stunden des Tages) (2007)
Marco Nikodijevic (*1980) gesualdo abschrift/ antiphon super o vos omnes for ensemble of 12 players and electronica, in memoriam Christophe Bertrand (2011)

Sun, October 02, 2011

at ZKM_Cube

Alfred Zimmerlin (*1955) Scènes for tenor saxophone, bassoon and live electronic (2010)
Vinko Globokar (*1934) Avgustin, dober je vin for wind section quintet (2002)
Jagoda Szmytka (*1944) Watch Out! of the box (2011, premiere)


Luciano Berio (1925-2003) Naturale – About sicilian melodies for viola, percussions and band (sicilian folklore singer) (1985)
György Ligeti (1923-2006) Mysteries of the Macabre - three arias from the opera »Le Grand Macabre« für Koloratursopran oder Solo-Trompete in C und Kammerorchester (1974/1977)
John Cage (1912-1992) Inlets (Improvisation II) for 3 players of water-filled conch shells and 1 conch shell player using circular breathing and the sound of fire (1977)
Steve Reich (*1936) Pendulum music für 3 or more microphones, amplifier and loud speaker (1968)
Organization / Institution
Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Gießen ; Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie ; Frankfurt LAB
Kulturstiftung des Bundes ; Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain ; Kunststiftung NRW