Rememberemember. Wilson’s Waco-Watermill-World
Fri, January 06, 2012 6 pm CET, Film Screening

“Wilson‘s world resembles the small houses with which one is familiar from his theater stagings and works of art. These are houses without a door. One can neither enter nor leave. Heidegger referred to them as‚ ‘houses of being’.” (Sacha Goldman)

To mark Robert Wilson’s 70th birthday, film-maker Sacha Goldman produced the film "Rememberemember. Wilson’s Waco-Watermill-World" about American theatre and opera director, and media artist Robert Wilson. The film was commissioned by the ZKM | Karlsruhe.

Robert Wilson has been working in close collaboration with the ZKM for many years through his numerous exhibitions and projects. Thus, in 2010, his "Video Portraits" could be viewed in an exhibition at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art for which a comprehensive ZKM exhibition catalog was published. Wilson was engaged as curator for a retrospective on the work of North American artist Paul Thek in 2007 held at the ZKM. Wilson is also affiliated with the region in a number of ways, and has staged several productions at the Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden.

Sacha Goldman’s film portrays the artistic world of the artist from Waco (Texas). Goldman became acquainted with Wilson back in 1971 when shooting his first documentary on the BITEF Theater Festival in Belgrade. He has since accompanied the work of the director and artist. Thus, in 2010 the ZKM elected to commission Sacha Goldman to produce a film about the life and work of Robert Wilson.

Following the showing of "Rememberemember. Wilson’s Waco-Watermill-World", the ZKM invites to an artist talk and a book presentation with Robert Wilson, Sacha Goldman, Laure Adler, Peter Weibel and moderator Jan Linders.

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