World premiere and Discussion with Director Nadja Marcin
Wed, April 04, 2012 8 pm CEST, Film Screening
Nadja Verena Marcin narrates through a conceptual revision of the cult film “Kids” (New York, 1995, Larry Clark) the interaction of a group of young adults; the smooth transition between shocking rituals and its adaption as lifestyle.

While ‘Female’ is struggling with her demons, ‘Face’ and ‘Guy’ are on a tour seeking for the innocent ‘Virgin’ in downtown Manhattan. In Washington Square Park, they meet the ‘Skater Boys’ and ‘Skater Girls’. Together, they batter a ‘Man in the Park’; later they amuse themselves in a swimming pool and at a party. When ‘Female’ finally finds them, they are already high, asleep and unconscious. Only ‘Face’ is awake and has fun with ‘Virgin’. A sudden and surprising end reverses the point of view.

By the particular mix of citation, inversion, irony, twilight behaviors and exaggeration Marcin creates a society in which the word “KIDS” becomes a description of state; in which conformity and irresponsibility prevail, consciousness is forgotten. Contemporary phenomena such as the obsession with youth, the manipulative influence of media images and the continuing globalization in an alienated and diverted world emerge.
(Sarah Corona, Independent Curator, Bologna/ NYC)
Organization / Institution

DAAD ; Kultusministerium Nordrhein-Westfalen