Ausculta. Kloster Lichtenthal
Sat, November 10, 2012 6 pm CET, Concert
In the work “Heterotopolis” created at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, Marko Ciciliani and Marcel Bühler generate an aesthetic heterotopie, a “counter-place,” which is oriented on stone-age cave paintings, but also on the paintings in New York’s subway tunnels. With the help of the ZKM_Sound Dome’s forty-seven loudspeakers and a three-dimensional laser and light projection, the artists develop, live on stage, an audiovisual narrative form, which is served mainly by violin and guitar sounds.

Kloster Lichtenthal [Lichtenthal Abbey] lies on the outskirts of Baden-Baden. Cistercian nuns have prayed and worked here since 1245. The audio drama “Ausculta – Kloster Lichtenthal” is not only a work that lets one hear the orderly, routine daily life of a monastery between 4:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. “Ausculta” also lets one hear the fading choral prayer that has been sung here several times a day in the Gregorian chant for more than 750 years. Audio drama as well as abbey life meet in a listening space that is charged with the words of the “liturgy of the hours” and silence. At the same time, abbey life in the church, house, and garden generates its own sounds and the tones that accompany the consummation of belief.

Song, words, silence, and sound: After staying for some time at the abbey (for research, interviews, audio recordings) these intentionally and unintentionally sought and found sound moments began to correspond with one another, and in listening to them afterward, generated their own unique score. The audio drama gains its form from the proximity to the seasons and the structuring, daily routine. Johannes S. Sistermanns rearranged this audio drama produced for the SWR in 5.1 Surround for the ZKM_Sound Dome and will perform it live at the ARD Radio Play Days.


Marko Ciciliani – composition
Marcel Bühler – laser design
Performed by Bakin Zub:
Barbara Lüneburg – violin, modular synthesizer
Michael Blank – baritone guitar, 6 string fretless bass
Marko Ciciliani – digital sound synthesis and live electronics
Sebastian Schottke – sound design


Ausculta − Kloster Lichtenthal
Johannes S. Sistermanns − Composition/Live-Electronic
Daniel Senger − Sound Design
John Krol − Audio Technic
Manfred Hess − Dramaturgy/Producer
SWR Baden-Baden
Organization / Institution