Border crossings
Sat, April 27, 2013 3 pm CEST, Panel Discussion

Artists participating in the exhibition discuss borders and the issues surrounding the transgression of borders in the context of their work. The cultural, social and political transformations in the countries of the Arabellion also impact upon the art scene. The discussion pivots on such repercussions. Similarly, new possibilities, which emerge for the artists through increased networking, and their influence on the production of art in this region, are also discussed. The discussion will be held in the English.

Organization / Institution

HfG | Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Fachbereich Kunstwissenschaft ; Kulturfestival Frauenperspektiven, Karlsruhe ; Goethe-Institut Ägypten ; Goethe-Institut Tunesien ; Deutsch-Ägyptische /-Tunesische Transformationspartnerschaft ; Nafas art magazine