IMA | lab No. 14
Reto Stadelmann
Wed, 03.04.2013, 8 pm CEST
At the festival “ACHT BRÜCKEN. Musik für Köln [Eight Bridges. Music for Cologne]”, scheduled for May 9, 2013, the Sound Dome will be erected in Cologne for the premier performance of “Opportunity” by Swiss composer Reto Stadelmann in collaboration with choreographer Stephan Wynne. Under the dome of loudspeakers, the public may itself become part of an extraordinary music and dance spectacle at the Theater am Tanzbrunnen.

Reto Stadelmann plans to complete his composition in Karlsruhe at the ZKM | Institute of Music and Acoustics Sound Dome one month prior to this premier. In discussion with Ludger Brümmer and by way of several sound examples, the IMA | lab No. 14 public is provided with a number of insights into his work.

Reto Stadelmann
The composer, conductor and producer of cultural educational programs was born in Lucerne, in 1977, and studied composition in London, Manchester, Cologne and York. In his compositions, Reto Stadelmann merges stylistic elements drawn from the folk music of his native Switzerland with contemporary classical music at an international level. He unifies tradition and modern forms, going on to create from this an authentic range, a cooperation and antagonism of different voices, periods and cultures. Thus, the artist creates his own language of sound, which reflects the different aspects of his person.

Reto Stadelmann’s original approach to musical means expresses itself in the variety of his compositions, and is reflected in the broad spectrum of his most diverse musical projects.
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