Day 3: Methodologies of Sound Art Curating / Curating Sound
Wed, 21.08.2013, 9.30 am CEST
09.30 a.m.: Sound/Vision/Display
Justyna Burzynska: Curating Sound: A London perspective
Irene Noy: Seeing in order to hear. Early Curatorial Practices in West Germany
Christian Hviid Mortensen: Embodied Tunig. Interfacing the Danish Radio Heritage
11 a.m.: Practice Session #3
Martin Luckmann/Morten Søndergaard: POEX tape
12.15 p.m: Visit to Exhibitions
1.30 p.m.: Lunch and Goodbye

Kunsthal Aarhus ; Goldschmiede ; Courtauld Institute ; University of Westminster ; OCR (Operational and curatorial Research) ; LEA und LARM Infrastruktur Project