Day 2: Methodologies of Sound Art Curating / Curating Sound
Tue, 20.08.2013, 10 am CEST
10.00 Uhr: Curational Methodologies
Mark Jackson: The Tape Experiments of William S. Burroughs as Curatorial Methodology
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay: Subject-oriented Sound Art. The Curious Case of Auto-Curating
11.15 a.m.: Break
11.30 p.m.: Practice Session #1
Ludger Brümmer: Curating sound and music in the context of research and technology
12.30 p.m.: Break
1.30 p.m.: Artistic Curating / The Artist as Curator
Peter Gyselinck: Sound Art − The Perspective of an Artist
Daniele Balit: Curating Sound: Issues Displaying Sonic Art
2.45 p.m.: Coffee Break
3 p.m.: Practice Session #2
Anders Monrad: Algorithmic composing
3.45 p.m.: Break
4 p.m.: Panel discussion with
Ludger Brümmer, Lanfranco Aceti, Morten Søndergaard

Kunsthal Aarhus ; Goldschmiede ; Courtauld Institute ; University of Westminster ; OCR (Operational and curatorial Research) ; LEA und LARM Infrastruktur Project