3D-Festival BEYOND 2013
An audience with 3D-glasses
Thu, October 03, 2013 – Sun, October 06, 2013, Festival
The prelude to this year’s 3D Festivals BEYOND is scheduled to be held as an evening event on October 2, 2013, with a new staging of the noise concert, performed in Krems, The Origin of Noise − the Noise of Origin by Peter Weibel.

This year the 3D Festival offers a colorful mix of science, technology and art: scheduled in addition to 3D and space-sound installations by international artists, are a 3D Experts Symposium and a Film Festival with a wide-ranging 3D film program. In addition, the Karlsruhe Messe und Kongress-GmbH invites those interested to a 3D Expo, and CIANT to a TransiSTor Workshop co-organized with the HfG | Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe [University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe].

Innovative, documentary and fictional space-time narratives can be viewed at the comprehensive 3D film program. The best submissions for the 3D Short Film Competition are scheduled for presentation at the ZKM_Media Theater on Friday, October 4, 2013, from 1 p.m. to abour 6 p.m. With the two BEYOND Awards to be presented in the categories 3D documentary film and 3D feature films, an international jury will be honoring innovative narrative approaches which sound out the full potential range of stereoscopic 3D technology.

The focus of the twenty plus speakers at the 3D Expert Symposium in collaboration with the EU project Parralax is placed not only on the Third Industrial Revolution, but also on current trends in 3D storytelling and the future of stereoscopic cinema and TV film.

The 3D Workshop TransISTor on offer focuses on new technologies as are applied to the production of games and documentary films: the Karlsruhe Messe und Kongress-GmbH (KMK) presents an 3 DExpo at the festival at which participants may exchange ideas on innovative developments and professional products of stereoscopy.

Thurs, Oct 3, 2013

3D Symposium Parallax

Theme: "3D for Everyone"

09−9.30 a.m.
Pavel Smetana: Neurogenetic Media: artistic and scientific issues
09.30−10 a.m.
Quentin Destieu: M2F Créations France
3D Symposium Parallax − Theme: "Future of 3D"
10.15−10.45 a.m.
Aljoscha Smolic: 3D Video Processing, Perception, and Quality − A Content Creator’s Perspective
10.50−11.20 a.m.
Ralf Schäfer: Mirror-less and glasses-free − the future of 3D
11.25−11.55 a.m.
Stefan Albertz: The Business' Hot Topics − 4K, UHD, HFR and Atmos
12−12.30 a.m.

Paneldiskussion Future of 3D

Moderation: Ludger Pfanz
12.30 a.m.−2 p.m.
Lunch Break

Theme: "Science: BEYOND the visible"

2 −3.30 p.m.
Roland Brock, Peter Friedl, Bettina Weigelin: Multidimensional insights into cells and the body
3.30−3 p.m.
Gérald Schlemminger: EVEIL 3D
4−4.15 p.m.
Axel Wagner: NaWik
4.15−5 p.m.

Paneldiskussion Science Vision

Moderation: Axel Wagner
5−5.30 p.m.
5.30−6 p.m.
Vincent Heuveline: 3D in the Era of Supercomputers
6−6.30 p.m.
Sebastian Ritterbusch: 3D-Exploration
18.30−20 Uhr
Matthias Bolliger: Film "Begegnung im All 3D [Encouter in Space]", Review and Discussion
8.30−10.30 p.m.

3D Room Sound Concerts at the ZKM_Cube

Bernd Lintermann: Stereoscopic 3D visualization of a recording of "In Vain", by Georg Friedrich Haas. Radio Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart, the SWR, directed by Jonathan Stockhammer, Schwetzinger Festspiele 2000
Bruno Friedmann: Electronic spatial arrangement of a recording by Luciano Berio − Sequenza III
Ludger Brümmer: Repetitions (2005), live 3D audio performance at the IRMAT table


Friday, October 4, 2013

3D Symposium Parallax − Theme: "Stereo Sisters"

9−9.45 a.m.
Lisa Gotto: 3D and fluid aesthetics
9.50−10.35 a.m.
Ariela Stern: Over-the-Top 3D-Movie Streaming Using Yabazam
10.40−10.55 a.m.
Kathleen Schröter
11 a.m.−12 p.m.

Panel Discussion "Stereo Sisters" Moderation: Kathleen Schröter

3D-Expo − Company presentation / lectures

im ZKM_Vortragssaal 11−11.30 a.m.
MFG Medien- und Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg: "Funding in Baden-Württemberg and Germany"
11.30 a.m.−12 p.m.
MEDIA Desk Deutschland: "Funding in Europe"
12−1.15 p.m.
Lunch Break

Block I Short Film Competition

1.15−2.40 p.m.
Das Blümchen (13 min)
well_bleche (10 min)
Red Lady (6 min)
Not Eye (12 min)
Helsinki 3D (9 min)
Forget-me-not (16 min)

3D Expo − Company presentation / lectures

at the ZKM_Lecture Hall
1.45−2.30 p.m.
Virtual Dimension Center: Panel Discussion "3D and VR in Marketing Communication"
2.30−3 p.m.
S3D: "S3D-Discovery-Program: Find out the best fitting system for ypur application and yourself"

Block II Short Film Competition

2.55−4.25 p.m.
Lapse of Time (15 min)
Contrast (4 min)
Le Grand Combat 3D − The Big Showdown 3D (20 min)
Plot-O-Mat 3D (1:20 min)
Luigi's Pizzaride 3D (2:30 Min.)
Zwischenräume – In Between (8 min)
Soir de Fête (18 min)

3D-Expo − Company presentation / lectures

at the ZKM_Lecture Hall
3−3.30 p.m.: ProzessPiraten GmbH: "The long way to successful 3D solutions"
3.30−4 p.m.
Firma AcTron: "Integration of 3D scanning data into multimedia projects for entertaining and educational exhibition contents"
6−6.30 p.m.
2EyeTec: "MiniRig, a compact 3D-mirror rig"
5.30−5 p.m.
Tridelity, 3D-Technology: "Glasses-free 3D − Impacts, Use Cases & Outlook"

Block III Short Film Competition

4.40−6 p.m.
Next Steps (3 min)
Harald (6.30 min)
Virtuos Virtuell (7:30 min)
Shine (3 min)
Aloft (5 min)
Atmosphere (6 min)
HfG 24 (10 min)
Transmutation (2:30 min)
Foxed! (5 min)
Beatrice Coron's Daily Battles (7 min)
Eylsian Fields (10:50 min)

5−6.30 p.m.

3D documentation film: "Die Kathedrale − Baumeister des Straßburger Münsters [The Cathedral − Architects of the Strasbourg Cathedral]"

Filmpalast am ZKM, hall 4
6−6.40 p.m.

6.40−6.55 p.m.
Alexander Stublic: Uncollectables
filmic installation

7−7.50 p.m.
Premier of the 3D Film "Bad Timing"
Directed by Gülsel Özkan

8−10 p.m.
Film screening "3x3D"
by Godard, Greenaway and Pera, followed by a panel discussion


Saturday, October 5, 2013

3D Symposium Parallax

Theme: "Expanded Cinema − Expanded Realities − Expanded Minds"
9−9.30 a.m.
Vibeke Sorensen: Expanding Space and Consciousness
9.35−10.05 a.m.
Volker Kuchelmeister: Expanded Spaces of Representation
10.10−10.40 a.m.
Dennis Del Favero: Aesthetics and Artificial Intelligence
10.45−11.15 a.m.
Jim Chabin: International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society
11.20−11.50 a.m.
Jeffery Shaw: ALiVE @ work
11.55 a.m.−12.45 p.m.
Ina Conradi-Chavez: Unframed: Elysian Fields und Le Phénomène Atmosphérique
12.45−2 p.m.
Lunch Break

Theme: "Future Design: The third Industrial Revolution"

2−2.55 p.m.
Thorsten Bauer: When the Digital hits the Wall" (URBANSCREEN)
3−4.10 p.m.
Markus Kayser: 3D Solar Energy
4.15−5.25 p.m.
Janjaap Ruijssenaars: The Landscape House
5.30−7 p.m.
Douglas Pritchard: 3D Scan

3D documentation films at the Filmpalast am ZKM

Admission each 9 €
2.30−3.30 p.m.
Fire Ants 3D: The Invincible Army (60 min)
Filmpalast am ZKM, Saal 2
15.45−16.35 Uhr
Haie 3D − Fürsten der Meere (50 Min.)
Filmpalast am ZKM, hall 2
5−6.40 p.m.
Tanzt! − Zukunft braucht Bewegung
Filmpalast am ZKM, hall 4
7−8.30 p.m.

8.30−10.30 p.m.

BEYOND Evening Event

with presentation of the BEYOND Awards for 3D short film and 3D documentary film

from 10.30 p.m.

Electro Party

with 3D Visuals by Lieven van Velthoven, Nikolaus Völzow, Oliver Wrobel, Piero Glina and the DJs Guido Huijser and Frex


Sunday, October 6, 2013

11 Uhr

Panel discussion: "Premises for the Digital Promises − From Reel to Cloud"

2 p.m.
Work in progress
5−7 p.m.
Die Vermessung der Welt
Film screening
Filmpalast am ZKM, hall 4