The ZKM | IMA @ ARD Radio Play Days 2013
Portrait of Daniel Teruggi. He looks with his head bowed strictly straight into the camera.
Sat, November 09, 2013 4 pm CET, Concert
Springtime is the title of the new electroacoustic work by Argentinian-French composer and director of the GRM Paris, Daniel Teruggi. It was produced as part of a composition commissioned by the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, and is scheduled to celebrate its premiere on this day.

Several guest artists and intensive, technical support inspired the artist collective Chicks on Speed to make new projects and developments; among others, a new album has also been released that uses interactive Apps as the medium. Chicks on Speed are scheduled to present their new video and sound project inspired by the work of Luis Buñuel.

At the ZKM | IMA@ARD Radio Play Days there is also a Best of Atmosphären [Atmospheres]: the ZKM-composition competition premieres on the subject of works by young composers of electronic music, in which the best works are to be presented as part of the ARD Radio Play Days at the ZKM_Sound Dome.

Finally, Matt Wand will present an adaption of a live performance which was designed for the ZKM_Sound Dome on behalf of the SWR 2 ars acustica for the Art's Birthday 2013. The idea behind Parking arrangements was to create a complex sound space environment, by using prepared, resonant bodies like Gameboy microphones, portable, mobile phone speakers or spaghetti glasses to amplify and modify the sound. The score is built according to the rules of Tetris, in which each new piece must fit in the available space.

During the entire ARD Radio Play Days 2013 radio stations are installed in the ZKM_Foyer by the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics: The music can be heard through headphones from the international electroacoustic music IDEAMA. Works of electronic music numbering over 200 pieces may be selected, among which are many classics of the genres – among others, by Pierre Henry, John Cage or Francis Dhomont.