Kata Legrady. Smart Pistols (opening)
Mon, January 06, 2014 3 pm CET, Opening

In the context of the »Open House – The ZKM celebrates its 25th anniversary«, the exhibition of the Ungarian Kata Legrady will be opening. In addition to a welcome speech by ZKM Chairman Peter Weibel, the mayor of Karlsruhe, Frank Mentrup, will say a few introductory words to the interested audience.

With such simple aesthetic means, Kata Legrady presents what has defined the course of the world over the millennia. Her fetish objects are a further development of surrealist object art in the age of high gloss aesthetics. The rejections and monstrosities of civilization appear in the sweet and charming apparel of consumption, and violence pairs with “Luxe, Calme et Volupté” (H. Matisse, 1904).