The ZKM at art Karlsruhe 2014
Thu, March 13, 2014 – Sun, March 16, 2014, Fair

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary the ZKM once again shows that it is not only a museum but a center of artistic and scientific research. Current developments in art, music, culture, politics, economics and technology form the forefront of its interest: at this year’s stand we show plants that emit musical sounds when touched, offer visitors the possibility to have themselves printed in 3D, present a new kind of art exhibition, and invite you to up-and-coming presentations at the ZKM | Karlsruhe.

With the artist group Scenocosme, the ZKM presents two interactive works that have distinguished themselves in their use of innovative, interactive technology in the field of art: whereas Contacts (2010/2011) invites visitors to transform their own bodies into a sonorous instru- ment, the hanging garden Akousmaflore (2007) once again underlines how Soundart has become a constituent aspect of contemporary art. Akousmaflore reacts to the visitor’s touch, and each plant answers with its own unique sound. In the case of the plants and digital technology hybrid, the natural sensibility of the plants is used for people’s electrostatic aura. A gentle touch is enough to activate Akousmaflore, and frequently simply the physical presence. Electronic interfaces and computer programs concealed in the plants translate the Garden’s reaction into sound. Taking yourself back home as 3D printout? Each day the ZKM raffles a 3D figure of your own previously digitalized body. Visitors can scan themselves at the ZKM stand and have their figure transferred into a virtual gallery, which can also be seen at home. At the end of the day we also raffle a printout which will then be delivered to your home. The way in which a 3D printer functions can be discovered on site.

We are happy to announce that with the presentation of these space-filling light sculptures Chandelier and LightScapes at this year’s art KARLSRUHE, special emphasis will be paid to the artist rosalie. The hovering work of laced light, Chandelier, and the holo- graphic appearance of the light structure LightScapes, can best be viewed at twilight. The artist rosalie and the ZKM have cultivated a relationship spanning many years. This relationship culminated, among other things, in two major publications edited by Peter Weibel that are also available for purchase at the ZKM stand: rosalie Lichtkunst – light art – the universal theater of light (2010), and rosalie LightScapes (2013).

Organization / Institution
Messe und Kongress GmbH Karlsruhe