KAMUNA – 16th Karlsruhe Museum Night
A lot of multi-colored buttons of past KAMUNAs
Attention Original!
Sat, August 02, 2014 – Sun, August 03, 2014, Celebration

As one of the oldest museum nights in Germany, this year a total of sixteen Karlsruhe institutions and museums as well as three guest institutions are inviting to their halls. With the motto »Attention Original« they offer a colorful program for young and old. Here, inveterate museum fans will get their money’s worth no less than all other curious visitors. This year, the closing event will take place for the first time at the club »Die Stadtmitte«: Dancing and partying will begin from 10 p.m.

The exhibition »Beuys Brock Vostell« at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art is a parallel presentation of three approaches to performativity. As part of the ZKM web project ArtOnYourScreen beatboxers speak rhythms into a microphone for »Ba ding ba ding« by Jirka Pfahl − the kinds of words that can emerge here is astonishing. »HfG Panolab« presents installations by Honglin Qian, Victor van Wetten and Lidan Zhang and [N(O]riginal in the ZKM | Media Library, and examines questions relating to original and counterfeit. The performance »Gleichförmigkeit« [uniformity], by Piotr Tomczyk makes the body an expressive medium of the bored society in the age of modern media. With »Zementiert das Original« [Cement the Original], whoever brings with them small everyday objects can produce small Fluxus objects, and the workshop »Gemischtes Doppel« [Mixed Double] invites visitors to develop a memory game. Young visitors can explore the ZKM in the legendary Museums Rally by themselves. 

The ZKM also takes up the theme of originality and related questions of perception, illusion and reality. Whereas the exhibition »Holography« at the ZKM | Media Museum provides insight into the pioneers of modern 3D-technology, the 3D-scanner station provides information on current methods of recording and play back forms – with a little luck, one’s own, previously digitalized body can be taken home as 3D printout. In an »artistic biosphere«, surrounded by unknown noises, animals and plants, the visitor is given an idea of future life in a virtual environment, whereas with the installation »356 Day Project«, Jonas Mekas directs the gaze to the past and reflects the course of a year in 356 short films. The workshop in the exhibition Jean-Jaques Lebel invites visitors to create short video clips; in »Audiovisual Experiments« percussionist and composer Andrea Belfi along with installation and video artist Grischa Lichtenberger will hold a concert. There will be music at the ZKM_ Forecourt with a DJ session by Hendrik Vogel.

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