Gesualdo four 0 one
Several people are standing at a railing and look at the camera or talk with each other
Fri, 24.10.2014, 8 pm CEST – Sun, 26.10.2014, 9 pm CET

Concerts with the brass instrument ensemble bach blech & blues, the CoroPiccolo Karlsruhe (direction KMD Christian-Markus Raiser), Ludger Brümmer (composition, live-electronics) and Johannes Motschmann (composition, live-electronics).

With their choir and brass instrument concerts, the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, the church music director Christian Markus Raiser and the brass instrument ensemble bach, blech & blues bring the sounds of San Marco in Venice to the ZKM and to the Evangelical City Church of Karlsruhe on Marktplatz. The program and the music approach explore the aesthetic legacy of the Renaissance, the musical expression of Gesualdo, Venosa and especially the soundscapes of Venetian music and its variously positioned sound sources in entirely different and complimentary ways.