Quantum Leaps XX
A group of young people sitting and standing on a low brick wall
The International Ensemble Modern Academy as guest at ZKM
Sat, March 21, 2015 – Sun, March 22, 2015, Concert

For the 20th time, the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) is guest at ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (IMA). With the IEMA, the Frankfurt Ensemble Modern, one of the world’s best ensembles for contemporary music offers young musicians and composers the opportunity to acquire important experience for their later careers under the guidance of professionals. With this ongoing collaboration of many years, the ZKM | IMA fulfills its task of promoting and presenting young musical talent, providing a space for the emergence of the music of tomorrow. The focus of the event format is represented in the encounter with new technologies.
The IEMA scholars present their most recent work at the ZKM twice a year as part of the «Quantum Leaps» festival. On March 21 and 22 the program focus is also placed on formative stylistic compositions of contemporary music in addition to premier performances and current works. Visitors may thus expect a presentation of works by young composers and premier performances of a piece by Sergej Maingardt, but also compositions by Steve Reich, Oliver Knussen and Tristan Murail, while Mauricio Kagel’s work «Pas de cinq – Wandelszene», from 1965, are given a new interpretation.


March 21, 2015, 8 pm, ZKM_Cube

Robert HP Platz From fear of thunder, dreams.. for ensemble and tape (1987/88)
Vassos Nicolaou Réflexions with Live Electronics (2006)
Tristan Murail Allégories for ensemble and electronics (1989/90)
Oliver Knussen Ophelia Dances op. 13, Book 1 for chamber ensemble; 9 players (1975)
Vito Žuraj Framed for ensemble (2011)
Ivan Fedele Two Moons for 2 pianos and 2 virtual instruments (2000)
 Conductor: Gregor A. Mayrhofer

March 22, 2015, 8 pm, ZKM_Cube

Steve Reich Different Trains for string quartet and pre-recorded performance tape (1988)
Wolfgang Zamastil Bending Corners for string quartet, bass clarinet (2006)
Mauricio Kagel Pas de cinq – Wandelszene  for 5 actors (1965)
Michael Quell Anamorphosis I for
spatially distributed ensemble (2001/2002)
Sergej Maingardt Paranoid Android for septet and video (2015), premier
Project team

Hans Gass (Licht, Veranstaltungstechnik), Yannick Hofmann (Organisation, Dokumentation), Anton Kossjanenko (Tonmeister), David Luchow (Tontechnik), Bernhard Sturm (Betriebsingenieur), Luise Wiesenmüller (Organisation, Dokumentation)
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe