Soundhunters: sounds make music
A man with a colorful umbrella records ambient noise on a busy street
ARTE film premiere and discussion
Wed, 09.09.2015, 8 pm CEST
The documentary by Beryl Koltz is being presented at ZKM even before it is broadcast on 19.09.2015 at 10.40 pm on ARTE. Afterwards there will be a discussion panel with Beryl Klotz herself and Angelika Schneider (ARTE). The panel is being moderated by Alexandra Müller (SWR).

Soundhunters: They go on the hunt for everyday sounds and then turn them into unique music. Snapping fingers, dripping water, rolling thunder or even the opening of a package inspire them. Established artists and newcomers from various genres create a new universal language of noises and sounds with their compositions: the language of music.

For her documentary the film’s author Beryl Klotz accompanied the French musician duo KIZ on a journey through the world of the soundhunters. From London to Malmö via Baltimore and back to Paris. For sound artists like Cosmo Sheldrake and Blixa Bargeld the world is a huge musical instrument as there are sounds everywhere all the time. The journey ends in France with Jean-Michel Jarre, the great grandfather of electronic pop music. For him making music using sounds is a rebellion against the current music business.

The documentary shows how musicians work with sounds and noises, alienating them and creating new unique music out of them – often with a healthy portion of self-irony. The audience gets an impressive insight into a different kind and way of composing.
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