Biomodd [ZKM⁷]
There is a hodge-podge of plants computers, screens and desklamps on a table.
Creating Living Ecosystems Inside Computers
Sat, October 31, 2015 – Thu, November 12, 2015, Workshop
Be a part of »Biomodd« and create a communal piece of artwork, which will be presented in the »Exo-Evolution« exhibition at the ZKM. As part of the GLOBALE, the »Biomodd [ZKM7]« installation is to be created together with artists, designers, hackers, gamers, other creative makers and interested parties from Karlsruhe and the surrounding area.

After the initial workshop on October 31, 2015 between 11 am and 6 pm which is to be attended by all participants, attendance at the other workshop dates is flexible.


is a collective art project, which questions the apparent contrast of nature and technology in different cultures. »Biomodd« merges nature and technology into imaginative, hybrid installations. The central idea of »Biomodd« is the creation of experimental systems, in which modified computer networks coexist and interact with living ecosystems. »Biomodd« is a continuous series of temporary installations, which are developed with local participants. Kurssprache ist englisch.

Course hours

Workshop introduction
(for all participants)
31.10.2015, 11 am–6 pm
Open workshop times 01.11.2015–12.11.2015
Monday/Tuesday 1 pm–6 pm
Wednesday/Thursday 10 am–6 pm
Friday 10 am–8 pm
Saturday/Sunday 11 am–8 pm
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe