ARD Radio Play Days 2015
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Wed, 11.11.2015 – Sun, 15.11.2015
Listen up! The »ARD Radio Play Days« are not just something for radio playwrights and passionate fans. Fans of acoustic art and new radio listeners and spectators will also get their money’s worth at the five-day festival: Radio plays, live performances, discussions and concerts are all on the agenda. Tours through the ZKM exhibitions will be offered and a total of five prizes – including the coveted German Radio Play Prize – will be awarded during the »Night of the Winners«.

During two live productions, the public can experience how a radio play is created and can »play it by ear« themselves in the ARD Radio Play Box. Together with the SWR3 morning hosts Zeus & Wirbitzky, Pierre M. Krause (»DasDing«, EinsPlus) and Jens Wawrczeck (»Die Drei ???«), one’s own radio play will be produced.

The Children’s Radio Play Day on Sunday, November 15, 2015 will round off the program with the total of approx. 50 events.

Organization / Institution
ARD und Deutschlandradio

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