Emma Charles as guest at the ZKM
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Wed, December 02, 2015 6 pm CET, Talk
Emma Charles, whose film »Fragments On Machines« is currently on display in the exhibition »Infosphere«, will be at the ZKM and talk about her work as artist.

Working with photography and moving image, the practice of Emma Charles stems from an enquiry into temporality, both within the medium and towards wider social and political systems of time. Observing the financial sector in particular, Charles explores the City as an epicentre for economic exchange in which value systems of time, productivity and labour are altered through technological progress.

Primarily focusing on the ethereal and abstract elements of industry and corporate environments, Charles’ work often transverses the boundaries between documentary and fiction.

More recently Charles has situated her research towards the materiality of the Internet, going beneath the urban veneer to uncover the hidden infrastructures within our technologically driven modern life, paying particular attention to the spaces at which opposites collide.

The shown films

  • »After the Bell« (2009), DV [PAL]; audio, colour, 3:48 Min.
  • »Vents« (2012),16mm-film transferred to DV PAL, 7 Min.
  • »Fragments on Machines« (2013), HD video, 16:9, audio, colour, 17 Min.

The talk will be in English.
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