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Culture without borders
Sat, August 06, 2016 6 pm CEST, Festival

Culture spans the globe, culture brings people together, culture is lively and colorful, cross borders and are borderless! »Culture without borders« – under this motto the Karlsruhe museums and cultural institutions will open for the 18th Karlsruher Museumsnacht [Karlsruhe museum night] KAMUNA on August 6, 2016.

At the ZKM, in the exhibition »New Sensorium. Exiting from Failures of Modernization«, Yuko Hasegawa will show primarily works by Asian artists, that focus on new sensory fields of experience of a bodily and cognitive kind. The popular interactive computer game exhibition »ZKM_Gameplay« is not the only thing providing exciting entertainment for the younger guests, the museum rally »Minizine Museumstour« and the cartoon workshop »Grenzenlos, Trick los!« [Borderless, cartoon go!] also awake creativity and gaming impulse. In »Games Outside – Urbane Spiele ohne Grenzen« [Urban games without borders] classics of the gaming industry can be tried out in a true-to-scale obstacle course, and the »Babylonisches Sprachmemory« [Babylonian memory game] conquers final language barriers as per this year’s KAMUNA motto. Film screenings and audio and sound pieces on the topic of »Border crossing« round off the programme. As a highlight, the Sound Dome concert »De Natura Sonorum« by Bernard Parmegiani, directed by Götz Dipper, will be performed in three parts.

The exhibitions at atrium 8 and 9 deal with the modern global age from a European, Chinese, and Arabic perspective: in »The Modernization Process of Chinese Art« Pan Gongkai creates an illustrated history of China’s modern art, »Allah's Automata« exhibits fascinating artifacts of the Arabic-Islamic renaissance, and in the exhibition »Reset Modernity!« Bruno Latour encourages the visitors for an intellectual restart. The workshop »0 und 1 / AN und AUS – Coding aus der Dose« [0 and 1 / ON and OFF – Coding from the tin] playfully deals with the topic of coding, and Gabriela Lang with »Ver-Führungen – Kunst begreifen durch Bewegung und Tanz« [Temptations – understanding art through movement and dance] invites you to join in the action tours through the exhibitions. Apart from this, it’s all about the music at the ZKM: the walkable sound installation »Create your own Playlist« allows the visitors to become part of an impro-quartet, at the Morning Line the DJs 2xC, Roman Mühlschlegel and Gustl provide entertainment with »Musik + Draußen« [Music + Outside], and the Belgian-Italian duo Lumisokea, that works with influences from dub, musique concrète, percussion music, and Techno and Noise, will be performing live at the ZKM_Cube.

Program at the ZKM

6 pm

Milan Grygar. Sound on Paper
Guided Tours (also, 8:00 pm 
and 10.00 pm) 

ZKM_Atrium 1+2
6 pm–8 pmCreate your own Playlist
Interactive Sound installation
6 pm–10 pmMinizine Museumstour
Museum rally for young and old
Registration at the museum rally-
stand, ZKM_Foyer
 Babylonisches SprachmemoryZKM_Media Lounge
6 pm–11 pmGrenzenlos – Trick los!
Cartoon workshop
 Games Outside – Urbane
Spiele ohne Grenzen
6 pm–12 amGrenzüberschreitung
Various film screenings,
audio and sound pieces
ZKM_Media Theater und
ZKM | Media Library
 3-D print workshop
Presentation of 3D print-works
and activities to join in
ZKM_Music Balcony
 0 und 1 / AN und AUS –
Coding aus der Dose

 Musik + Draußen
Live-DJ-Sessions at the
Morning Line with 2xC,
Roman Mühlschlegel and Gustl
6 pm–1 amInfo Point
Information und Activities
6:15 pmVer-Führungen – Kunst
begreifen durch Bewegung
und Tanz

Actions Tours through
the exhibitions (45 mins.,
also 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm)
ZKM | Karlsruhe
 Reset Modernity!
Guided Tours (every 30 mins,
until 11.15 pm) 
ZKM_Atrium 8+9
6:30 pm–10:30 pmZKM_GAMEPLAY
Guided Tours (every hour,
until 10:30 pm)
ZKM_Atrium 1+2
6:30 pm–11:30 pmNew Sensorium. Exiting from
Failures of Modernization

Guided Tours (every 30 min.,
until 11:30 pm)
ZKM_Atrium 1+2
6:45 pmMuseum of Oil
Guided Tours (every hour,
until 10:45 pm)
ZKM_Atrium 8+9
7 pmThe Institute for Music and

Guided Tour
ZKM | Karlsruhe
 Allah's Automata
Guided Tours (every hour,
until 10 pm)
ZKM_Atrium 8+9
8:30 pm–10 pmBernhard Parmegiani: De Natura

Sound Dome concert, Sound director:
Götz Dipper (each ca. 30 min.,
Part 2: 9 pm, Part 3: 9:30 pm)
9:30 pmVerführung – Kunst begreifen
durch Bewegung
Live Performance with
Gabriela Lang
ZKM_Atrium 2
10:15 pmLumisokea

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