Bazon – Ernste Scherze
Bazon Brock in Perter Sempels »Bazon-Ernste Scherze«
A psycho-documentary music film by Peter Sempel
Thu, December 08, 2016 8 pm CET, Film Screening

The documentary film by Peter Sempel shows the philosopher and art and social critic Bazon Brock in his Berlin gallery »Denkerei«, in his house in Wuppertal, at appearances in museums, universities and art houses, in the Cabaret Voltaire – and of course at the ZKM as well. The camera meanders through Brock's world of ideas, which moves from Wagner and Nietzsche to Sloterdijk, Neo Rauch, Uli Hoeneß, Parcifal and housewives.

With »Bazon – Ernste Scherze [Serious Jokes]«, Peter Sempel creates an entertaining, associative film collage. Can be seen on 8th December at the ZKM.