Interviews »non Air«
A black and white image of a man who also takes a photo. In the background a car and another man running in the picture
At the exhibition »Gideon Bachmann: Film Art on Air«
Fri, January 06, 2017 2 pm – 6 pm CET, Reading

2 pm: Interviews »non Air« – Reading and Lecture with the curator of the exhibition »Gideon Bachmann: Film Art on Air«

Gideon Bachmann conducted around 500 interviews, including with documentary film-makers such as Jean Rouch and Leni Riefenstahl, exponents of experimental cinema such as Maya Deren and Hans Richter, greats of New European Cinema such as Jean-Luc Godard and Federico Fellini and actresses and actors such as Jean Seberg and Rod Steiger. These were partly broadcasted in his programs »Film Forum« and »The Film Art« (1955–1964) and a selection from them can still be heard, until 19 February 2017, at the exhibition »Gideon Bachmann: Film Art on Air« in the ZKM_Media Lounge. But there were also interviews with major personalities, which have only appeared in printed form. Exhibition Curator Holger Jost reads from these with partners in assigned roles and speaks about Gideon Bachmann’s voice archive.

4.15 pm: »Time and Film« – Reading and Screening with the director Philipp Hartmann

In September 1966, Gideon Bachmann (1927–2016), director, film critic and collector published an almost prophetic text with the title »A Look Back on Today’s Cinema«. Distancing himself historically, as directly indicated in the work’s title, he wrote a little utopia of film, which will be read out by the Hamburg director Philipp Hartmann. Against the background of the terms »Time and Film« Philipp Hartmann gives insights into his film-making and discusses it against the background of Gideon Bachmann’s visionary approach.