Laboratory of the Exo/ Endo Corpus
The photo shows a white pony surrounded by seven girls in white clothes.
A film by Elisabeth von Samsonow
Fri, June 23, 2017 9 pm CEST, Film Screening

On June 23, 2017, the ZKM presents the 2017 produced film of artist and philosopher Elisabeth von Samsonow about her installation »Laboratory of the Exo/ Endo Corpus«.
The artist herself will be present and will say a few words on the origin of her film, its content and procedure.

The film is a visual essay on the interconnections of organic and energetic patterns. By its associative imagery it opens a space that binds together the outside and the inside, links the level of elements to the level of consciousness. Focusing on structures and things of everyday life – like strings, wires, hair, violin bows, a hose – it explores the path of energies, its transport and its manifold manifestations. The key technologies of interest are frequency, vibration and sound. In its experimental approach the film bridges the spheres of molar bodies, electricity and the digital. Its dreamlike logic unfolds dimensions of contemporary reality, as hallucinogenic as a myth. The visual essay started off from a huge sound installation that was created by Elisabeth von Samsonow for her exhibition at the Dominican Church in Krems (Lower Austria) in 2016, entitled »Laboratory of the Exo/ Endo Corpus«. The sound track uses original recordings from this installation. 

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ZKM | Karlsruhe