Opening: Datumsoria: The Return of the Real
»Unitape« by Carsten Nicolai
Fri, September 08, 2017 7 pm CEST, Opening

On Friday, September 8, 2017, two new exhibitions will open at ZKM: »Datumsoria: The Return of the Real« and »The Art of Immersion«.

A neologism, »Datumsoria« conjugates »datum« and »sensoria«, denoting a new perceptual space immanent to the information age. The exhibition »Datumsoria: The Return of the Real«, conceived and curated by ZHANG Ga and co-presented by Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, ZKM | Karlsruhe and Nam June Paik Art Center brings together highly idiosyncratic works of media art, shedding new light upon relations that bespeak the logic of the Real in the information age.

We cordially invite you to the opening from 7 pm onwards at the ZKM_Foyer!

Speakers at the opening: 

  • Peter Weibel, CEO | ZKM 
  • Frank Mentrup, Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe
  • CHEN Ping, Embassy Council of the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • ZHANG Ga, Curator of the exhibition »Datumsoria«
  • Dennis Del Favero, Curator of the exhibition »The Art of Immersion«
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe