Moving Sounds
The six members of the band »Open Source Guitars«, leaning against a railing.
Sun, December 03, 2017 8 pm CET, Concert

On December 3, 2017, the »Open Source Guitars« guitar ensemble will be presenting their »Moving Sounds« project at ZKM. 

The »Open Source Guitars« (OSG) are performers, as well as holistic musicians, composers and crossover artists of the genre. The guitar ensemble, with about ten members, from the Landeszentrum MUSIK-DESIGN-PERFORMANCE of Trossingen University of Music notably uses media competence, digital tools and the internet for its special mode of operation. This is considered to be a highly successful best practice example for the combination of traditional ensemble culture with the possibilities of digital music processing and communication. To this effect, they were the ideal performers to participate in the »Moving Sounds« project, which Trossingen University of Music established with the renowned French research institutes and art centres of IRCAM (Paris) and GMEM (Marseille) and which allows young artists to collaborate with established composer, Henry Fourès.

In his first workshop in November, Fourès introduced the musicians to the world of rhythms, time structures, harmonies and tonal colours of various musical traditions of the Middle and Far East. The ensemble, in turn, provided Fourès with sounds from their extensive sound library, which has been developed for their own past productions. Fourès is integrating this unique material into his compositions for the OSG project, which control sound using juggling balls among other things, while the OSG members took inspiration from Fourès to develop their own composition using polyrhythm and specialisation. 

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