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Experimental curating: strategies and platforms for online-based art
Thu, 18.01.2018 6 pm, Duration: 1h

Since its popularization in the 1990s, artists and art institutions have been struggling with how to present online-based art in both physical and online spaces. Today, in our highly digitally connected world, this concern also includes thinking about online engagement and finding new ways to identify emergent artists and current practices. During this talk, researcher Lia Carreira will present an overview of past and present initiatives which address these issues in curating and exhibiting online-based art, while sustaining the importance of the concept of »interface« for both curators and artists and suggesting the need for more experimental and collaborative approaches in the field.

The talk is an overview of her recently published Master Thesis »Experimental Curating in times of the Perpetual Beta: strategies and platforms for online-based art«, a research conducted for the Media Arts Cultures Master program at the Danube University Krems, in Austria, in partnership with ZKM. It also presents, documents and contextualizes a few projects in the field, including ZKM's net_condition and AOYS.

The thesis was supervised by Oliver Grau and Peter Weibel, with contributions from Margit Rosen, and includes interviews and collaborations from curators Peter Weibel (ZKM), Matthias Kampmann (AOYS), Clara Hermann (Schlosspost), Matteo Cremonesi (Link Cabinet), Christiane Paul (Whitney Museum of American Art), Cameron MacLeod (Platform Stockholm), Bernhard Garnicnig (Palais des Beaux Arts Vienna)  and Alexa Jeanne Kusber (Museum of Digital Art Zurich).

Please note: The lecture will be held in English. 


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ZKM | Center for Art and Media