»Zeit der Zauberer«. The Great Decade of Philosophy 1919-1929
Portrait of Wolfram Eilenberger
Reading by Wolfram Eilenberger
Fri, June 29, 2018 6 pm CEST, Reading

Wolfram Eilenberger, philosopher, »ZEIT« columnist and author of several popular philosophical books, will read from his latest book »Zeit der Zauberer« at ZKM on June 29, 2018. In March 2018, the non-fiction book was ranked fifth on the »Spiegel« bestseller list for hardcover non-fiction.


The years 1919 to 1929 mark an epoch of incomparable spiritual creativity, in which thoughts were thought for the first time, without which life and thinking in our presence would not be the same. The great philosophers Ludwig Wittgenstein, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Cassirer and Martin Heidegger shaped this epoch and made the German language the language of the mind one last time before the catastrophe of the Second World War.

»It's a matter of presenting a book that will be unparalleled for a long time to come.«

Micha Brumlik, taz, 14.03.2018
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