Théâtre Acoustique 3DRIR Library
The picture shows a house ruin, through whose open doors and windows you can see the sea and a city behind it.
Fri, September 14, 2018 6 pm CEST

Joint ZKM/IRCAM Artists in Residence Pedro Garcia-Velasquez and Augustin Muller present the aims of their work, discuss sampling methods and present examples of how spatial impulse responses are used in their installation »Etudes pour Théâtre Acoustique«. 

To explore ways to characterize imaginary and virtual spaces, they created a library of acoustic imprints in High Order Ambisonis (HOA). With the library's more than one hundred 3D room impulse responses (3DRIR), acoustic characteristics of remarkable places, spaces and environments from France and Germany are available. Garcia-Velasquez and Muller artistically explored the expressive and musical possibilities associated with them in conjunction with the evocative power of sound and memory. 

Please note: The presentation will be held in English.
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