Commerce and Corruption – a new word for sports?
A football with a lot of euro notes on it.
Keynote speech and discussion
Thu, December 13, 2018 6 pm CET

Intransparent award procedures, allegations of corruption and doping – the reputation of major international sporting events has suffered enormously in recent years. With a keynote lecture and panel discussion, the event »Commerce and Corruption« will shed light on the critical state of top-level sport. 

Disclosure platforms such as »Football Leaks« are providing more and more explosive data on intransparent procurement procedures, which are often associated with corruption.

However, it is not only the procedures themselves that are questionable, but also increasingly the selected countries. A current example is the award of the FIFA World Cup to Russia, or four years later, 2022 – as a moral increase, so to speak – to Qatar. Obviously, no one was prepared to learn the lessons from the award of the 1978 World Cup to Argentina. Obviously only business dominates the discussion about future world championships. In addition, many sports are exposed to massive accusations of doping.

Under what conditions can major sporting events still take place, what role do media companies play in this and how can the role of the active players be strengthened? In a panel discussion, we will discuss this challenge with stakeholders and experts.

In advance, Ines Geipel, German athlete, writer and professor, will give a keynote lecture on the subject. Geipel is a Stasi victim and victim of the state-imposed doping in the GDR competitive sport and is active in the processing of the forced doping system.

Speakers of the panel

  • Ines Geipel, German athlete, writer and professor (keynote)
  • Thomas Kistner, Sports Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Jonathan Koch, Athletes Commission
  • Ulrike Spitz, Head of Public Relations and Press Officer, German Olympic Sports Federation
  • Jürgen Walter, Former State Secretary 
  • Klaus Zeyringer, Author
  • Moderation: Christoph Ruf 
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe