Opening: Michael Bielicky Perpetuum mobile
A sculpture from a black spiral with small screens, the work is called »The name« and was created by Michael Bielicky.
Sat, 12.10.2019, 7 pm CEST, Opening

Michael Bielicky’s works always exist in dialogue with the latest technological developments, yet they also usher us into the depths of media history, going all the way back to the magical mathematical practices of medieval cabbalists. »Michael Bielicky. Perpetuum mobile« offers the first overview of Bielicky’s broad-ranging oeuvre.

The idiosyncratic hybrids that emerge belong simultaneously to both the analogue and the digital world, and enact the threshold between real and virtual space. Through his innovative work that deals with technological change and its social, philosophical and political implications, the Czech-German media artist Bielicky fosters critical engagement with the nature of technology, its material and immaterial implications, and their influence on our perceptions and actions.

Over a period of almost forty years, Bielicky has created innovative work in the areas of photography, video and net-based installations. He has been closely connected to the ZKM since its founding: his video sculpture Menorah (1989) was the first work in the ZKM’s collection, and he has taken part in numerous exhibitions. Work on his media archive at the ZKM has been underway since 2017, in close cooperation with the artist. The exhibition that has arisen out of this project offers the first overview of Bielicky’s broad-ranging oeuvre.

We sincerely invite you to the exhibition opening on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 7 pm!

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