INDEPENDENT DAYS Film Festival: Eclipsed
The background is foggy, in the foreground is a young woman with long hair, wearing a Venetian-style mask.
Thu, 22.10.2020, 9 pm CEST, Duration: 1:45h

The »INDEPENDENT DAYS | Karlsruhe International Film Festival« will present independent film productions from all over the world for the 20th time this year. With »Eclipsed« an Indian art film will be shown at the ZKM.

Some say the sun suddenly disappeared from the sky, others say it happened gradually. The world remained without the sun in the sky, and the only way to survive was to bathe everything in bright artificial light, light created to bury as much darkness as possible. The lights have now replaced the need for the sun, and people have even begun to forget it. Now it is even taboo to talk about the darkness. But one artist, Sneha, feels out of place in this strange new world of dancing lights, and her only consolation is the myth that there is still a place hidden from your eyes where you can see the sun again.

This one-hour Indian art film by director Aditya Chowghury is integrated into a program of three other short films: »Evening Light« by Gabriela Lang deals with the question of how light and sound can be brought into new contexts. »The Plant« by Konstantin Samsonov from Karlsruhe's twin city Krasnodar is an oppressive documentary film about the relics of socialist industrial production, shadows of the past and the hopelessness of people after the fall of the Iron Curtain. And »51 States« by Cass Virdee tells in a dystopian future the story of two Sikh women who risk a bloody confrontation with their fascist hunters in their desire to be reunited with their families.

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