You can see two men in a very dark room. Only their faces can be recognized, although even these are only blurred. This effect is created by moving the head from left to right during a long exposure time.
at jubez
Fri, November 20, 2020 6.30 pm CET, Concert

Parties and events with algorithmically generated music have been held worldwide for years – they are called Algoraves. The »Seasons of Media Arts 2020« now present the »Algorave« at jubez Karlsruhe.

The focus of Algoraves is equally on the algorithms, which seemingly generate music on their own, and on the initiatives of the artists, who, through the development of the software expand the possibilities of electronic music. In addition, the Algorave on November 20 is dedicated to the digital visualization of musical sounds.

In November, the Digitale Kunstfabrik and jubez Karlsruhe are jointly organizing an Algorave, in which both local and international artists will participate. The event format introduces the world of algorithmically generated music with events such as Live Coding: a projection on stage illustrates to the audience how software creates music in real time by improvising or composing it independently.

The event offers the audience a glimpse behind the scenes of happenings that normally take place in a university environment as well as within the computer music community. Algoraves offer both computer culture enthusiasts and fans of experimental electronic music a visually and audibly appealing festival. To kick off this year's Algorave, young participants of the workshop format »Rave im Rave« will perform.

There will be seats - placed respectively to the Covid19 regulation.

Algorave Audio/Visual is supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2020 project support program for media art.

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