Later Date
A chat window within a browser containing the text »I think one day we will be able to go outside again«.
Online Performance
Mon, March 29, 2021 7 pm CEST, Performance

Be part of the special art performance »Later Date« in which you chat with artist and programmer Lauren Lee McCarthy.

I think one day we will be able to meet again. Honestly, I am fantasizing about this day. Seeing you. Reaching out and touching. Breathing, talking, anything really. This is a performance in two parts. In the first, we will chat. We will imagine together our meeting. Where we’ll go, what we’ll say, what we’ll do. This future script will be saved. One day, if our paths cross, you may receive an email with this script and a request to meet as planned. This will be part two of the performance. Until that later date, the meeting will live in our combined imagination.

This performance was originally initiated shortly after the pandemic lockdown began, as »later« floated uncertainly in the future. A year later, it is enacted again for ZKM, reflecting on how our understanding of »later« has evolved since then. You can view documentation of the original performance at

The event will be held in English.

About the artist
McCarthy creates artworks that use a broad range of media and techniques, including artificial intelligence, performance, and programmed computer-based interaction.