Open Data Day
You can see a white coffee cup with the Transparenz Cafè logo on it.
Talks and discussions on open data
Sat, March 04, 2023 3 pm – 6 pm CET, Day of Action

As part of the »Open Data Day«, the Open Knowledge Lab Karlsruhe invites to an exchange on open data – the key resources for social and economic activities in the digital age.

The »Open Data Day« is an annual event to highlight the importance of open data internationally. On this day local groups organize self-organized events. Last year (2022) there were 153 events worldwide.

This year these events around open data will take place during March 7 - 10, also in Karlsruhe. Open data and the tools to evaluate it create transparency and enable democratic participation through informed social decision-making. To support exactly this, the Open Knowledge Lab Karlsruhe invites interested people to get to know and exchange ideas for the sixth time.

Regardless of age and technical skills - everyone can take part in the »Open Data Day« - whether newcomer or data expert.

We start the »Open Data Day« at 3:00 p.m. in the ZKM | Media Lounge with an introduction to the world of open data using the example of current projects from Karlsruhe and other labs. We have a number of talk on open data from different perspectives. Following we would like to discuss your ideas and questions. Short hands-on sessions on special topics will be possible as well - bring your laptops if you like.

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