Reading with Przemek Zybowski
Portrait of Przemek Zybowski
followed by a talk with the director Johannes Wenzel
Wed, March 15, 2023 7 pm CET, Reading

At his grandmother's deathbed, the narrator is caught up with a past he thought lost: in 1984, shortly after the relaxation of martial law in Poland, his parents secretly flee to Germany with his little sister. The eight-year-old son remains with the grandmother as a pledge. A time of unheard-of freedom and at the same time great panic begins: he is interrogated by the secret police, he is threatened with the orphanage - only a year later does he receive the necessary exit papers. But even decades later, the wounds have not healed. Can there be a reconciliation with his parents?

In his debut novel, Przemek Zybowski tells the story of dictatorship, flight and a life between worlds with a light, floating yet existential impact. »The Pink Wedding Book« is about the abandonment of a boy, which is at the same time the abandonment of an entire country - and about the attempt to piece together the fragments of the past.

Following the reading, the author will be in conversation with director Johannes Wenzel.

Original source: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

You can see the book cover of Das pinke Hochzeitsbuch

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