»form follows fiction«
The architect Ole Scheeren at the ZKM
Lecture by Ole Scheeren
Thu, May 04, 2023 7 pm CEST, Lecture

Admission from 6:45 pm

Ole Scheeren's lecture revolves around the principle »form follows fiction«: What if architecture could become the sum of the experiences, feelings and memories it evokes? Using references from his practice, Ole Scheeren shows how he sees fiction as a design tool for architecture.

For Scheeren, architecture is an organism interwoven with life. He designs prototypes that redefine once-separate realms such as living and working, public and private, culture and commerce by designing spaces based on people's needs and experiences. The German-born architect's large-scale solo exhibition »ole scheeren : spaces of life« currently explores how architecture becomes a stage for people's lives and stories.

About Ole Scheeren:

Ole Scheeren is an international architect who has gained worldwide recognition for his designs of innovative high-rise buildings, housing developments and cultural institutions. With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Berlin and London, his work includes well-known buildings such as »The Interlace« in Singapore, the CCTV headquarters and the »Guardian Art Center« in Beijing, as well as artistic installations such as the »Outdoor Cinema series«.