Noé Soulier: Fragments, 2021
You can see two people intertwined with each other during a performance.
Sat, July 01, 2023 4 pm – 4.15 pm CEST, Film Screening

Noé Soulier’s film »Fragments« explores movement when confronted with the camera. The particular spatiality of the framing makes it possible to see aspects of movement that would be invisible on stage. In this way, details of body parts and multiple perspectives can be experienced that a single point of view could not provide. »Fragments« is an exploration of the fragmentary dimension of the body and its evocative power.

Duration: ca. 15min

A film by Noé Soulier

With: Stephanie Amurao, Lucas Bassereau, Meleat Fredriksson, Yumiko Funaya, Nangaline Gomis, Nans Pierson
Image and sound: Cristian Manzutto
Assistant: Laetitia Striffling
Costumes: Chiara Valle Vallomini
Post-poduction: Firm Studio
Editing: Camille Guyot
Cailbration: Nicolas Gautier
Mix: Capitaine Plouf - Sébastien Cannas

Production: Cndc - Angers
Coproduction: La place de la danse - CDCN Toulouse
With the support of Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique dans le cadre du dispositif Écran vivant