Antipodes I / II, 2006
You can see a person between two tables. She is leaning on one of the tables, stretching her body upwards.
Video installation in the context of »William Forsythe. Nowhere and everywhere at the same time«
Sat, August 5 11 am – 12 pm / Sun, August 06 11 am – 6 pm

»Antipodes I / II« consists of two films shown on top of each other in the Media Theater at ZKM. The filmic work comprises a study that understands physical reality as a product of cognitive habits and processes not based on logic.

Duration: 12:20 min.

In the context of KAMUNA 2023 we present the installation again at ZKM | Karlsruhe.

Project team

Music: Ryoji Ikeda
Camera: Holger Detmering
Producer: Julian Gabriel Richter